Cannabiotix aims to be a leader in the cannabis industry with
brands built on a passion for enriching cannabis and supporting access to a healthy cannabis lifestyle. We are committed to continuously strengthening our brands to improve the cannabis experience for our customers.


Creative Combos and Exclusive Genetics.

We work with nature to produce the freshest cannabis and vigilantly hand select genetics for optimal taste to produce an invigorating experience.

Tasting Great is Crucial, but not enough.

If what we make does not pass our rigorous internal quality check points you won’t see it.

We Think Before we Plant.

What genetics will work best for the body and mind?

Rigorous Feed, Flush and Dry Process.

We create custom strain specific nutrients and finish the life cycle with a 2 week flush and proprietary dryprocess for optimal THC, size and taste of our products.

Always Exceed Expectations.

Our cannabis is hand watered, talked to daily and hand trimmed. Free of pesticides and cancer causing PGR’s. Our dedication to the process produces the tastiest flower, clearest oils, best THC content and fullest cartridges.